We are Believers in Yeshua and have a deep desire to share more Jewish roots with our Christian brothers and sisters, as well as to provoke our Jewish brothers and sisters to jealousy according to Romans 11:11-15. We wish to provide fellowship for those of like-mindedness both at home and in foreign lands.

We seek to win men and women to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as Adonai (L~RD) and Meshiach (Messiah/Savior); to increase Judeo/Christian faithfulness "as good stewards of the manifold grace of G~D" (1 Peter 4:10); to encourage individuals to be and do all things through the One who gives power (Eph 4:13); to promote the Fruits of the Talents G~D has given each one of us; to send personnel and influence throughout the world by gifts and prayers for Missions, specifically, Israel.

We implement our knowledge of our Jewish roots by observing the Biblical Feasts and Festivals as provided by our Heavenly Father, according to Leviticus 23 and substantiated by Yeshua in Matthew 5:17.

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